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My mentee, Jacob Yatvitskiy, was announced as semi-finalist for his computational modeling project in the nation-wide Regeneron Science Talent Search, the most prestigious pre-college science competition in the US. He is now one of only 300 Regeneron STS 2017 Scholars.


I continued supervising Jacob Yatvitskiy for his computional modeling work which was awarded 1st place at the Junior Monmouth Science Symposium earlier this year. I am now mentoring Jacob in his senior year as part of the mentorship program of the High Technology High School.


I supervised High Technology High School Student Jacob Yatvitskiy during his summer internship within a computational modeling project.


I supervised Joel C. Zinn during his time as research associate in the Dystonia and Motor Control Laboratory at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai which culminated in our joint paper A Neural Population Model Incorporating Dopaminergic Neurotransmission During Domplex Voluntary Behaviors published in PLoS Computational Biology (see also my publications).


I supervised Hunter College High School senior student Stephen Leong for his project Correlation Networking of Speech Production: Examining the Brain with Comparative Graph Analysis, with which he entered the semi-finals of the nation-wide Siemens competition Math:Science:Technology.


Modeling Week With Mathematics

I was project leader at the 2012 Modeling Week With Mathematics. My group developed artificial neural networks to perform optical character recognition and face detection tasks. Details can be found in their final report (in German). I used this presentation to introduce the problem statement and these slides (both in German) as neural network primer. The implementation was done solely by the students in Python using PyBrain.